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Recommended by 175 people
Recommended by 175 people
Jonny Bird was so much fun and an incredible entertainer. We truly enjoyed the show at Longstreet! 
Apr 14, 2024
Kevin Hoffman
Amazing performance! Singer,comedian! Great job from the couch potatoes!! 
Apr 14, 2024
Maria Zurat
Pretty cool place 
Mar 29, 2024
Cody Simpson
Great singer, performance is awesome. Sings any song you request. When he drops by he can sing for my “ birdday “ 
Mar 24, 2024
Wim Uijtenhaak
Super Künstler mit toller Stimme und einer breiten Range an Songs aus allen Genres! 
Mar 24, 2024
Lars Schüler
Großartig!!! Er spielt/singt wirklich alles was man sich wünscht. Ausnahmslos! Sehr Emphelenswert👍🏻 
Mar 24, 2024

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